Noctua Form 1.0

Welcome to the first release of Noctua Form formerly known as the Simple Annoton Editor. The focus of this version was working closely with curators to get initial release, layout and overall feel of Noctua Form. This version is packed with awesome features, mainly on different concepts of data input form structure and displaying existing annotations. We hope you enjoy some of the features. Some of the key highlights include



  • Can create annotation extensions in addition to creating standard annotations
  • Introducing Biological Process Annotations
  • Introducing Cellular Component Annotations
  • Can add a NOT qualifier to root MF, CC or BP
  • Extension input autocompletable,
  • More constrained and limited relations to the standard annotations with extensions
  • Multiple pieces of evidence
  • Can create Macromolecular complex on the fly
  • Search Database - Use existing annotations
  • Side menu on each form entity row for more options
  • Link to existing node
  • Error Messages
  • Clone Evidence
  • Easily switch user groups while creating annotations and populating assigned by evidence annotation
  • Links to other workbenches from the Noctua Form


  • Tree view like form. Extensions inputs indented
  • Curator friendly table view for displaying annotations
  • Constrained and limited relations


  • A basic table display,
  • Inline form view labels

Creating Annotations

The form can now create standard annotation with extensions

Extension Relations

  • MF happens during Biological Phase
  • MF has input GP
  • BP part of BP part BP
  • CC occurs in Cell Type part of Uberon

Easily switch from between 3 different forms

BP Only Form

BP Only form is used for biological process annotations


  • MF (root_mf) enabled by GP
  • MF (root_mf) causal * of * BP occurs in Cell Type part of Anatomical Entity

Easily shows the relation between the GP and the BP term by using acts *

All causal relations (except Default ‘involved in’) are available in BP only form and map correctly to the corresponding GO-CAM relation

CC Only Form

CC Only Form is used for cellular component annotations


  • GP part of CC part of Cell Type part of Anatomical

Macromolecular Complex Creator

Can create macromolecular complex on the fly

  • MF enabled by Macromolecular Complex has part GP(n)

Easily switch between GP and Macromolecular Complex

Search Database

Search existing annotations by a given GP and aspect


Multiple pieces of evidence

Displaying Existing Annotations

Added the curator table friendly view

Columns added are

  • Annotated Entity
  • Aspect
  • Term
  • Relationship
  • Extension Term
  • Extension Relationship
  • Evidence
  • Reference
  • With
  • Assigned By