Noctua Documentation

How the documentation is organized

Noctua Form has a lot of documentation. A high-level overview of how it’s organized will help you know where to look for certain things:

Noctua Form Tutorials take you by the hand through a series of steps to create a model, edit existing models and add more annotations to models. Start here if you’re new to Noctua or GO CAMs in general. Also look at the “First steps” below.

Topic guides discuss key topics and concepts at a fairly high level and provide useful background information and explanation.

How-to guides are recipes. They guide you through the steps involved in addressing key problems and use-cases. They are more advanced than tutorials and assume some knowledge of how Noctua and Noctua Form works.

What can you do with Noctua Form?

  • Creating GO annotations
    • Creating a basic Activity Unit (MF, part of BP, occurs in CC
    • Creating a Biological Process (BP) only annotation
    • Creating a Cellular Component (CC) only annotation
    • Adding contextual information to an annotation
  • Add annotations to an existing model
  • View existing annotations in a model
  • Choosing the right causal relation between activities (MFs)
  • Adding a NOT qualifier to an annotation

With Activity Creator Form, you can create, add and view activities right in your web browser—no special software is required.

Quick Start

For a Quick Tutorial, check out Quick Tutorial Docs

For release notes, check out Changelog

Accessing the Noctua Curation Form

For workshop purposes, we’ll use noctua-dev:

For reporting any issues:


Before beginning new annotation or work on an existing model, you need to login.

Noctua login uses a curator’s github handle for authentication.