Component History

Term Autocomplete

Version Details
Noctua Form 0.1 Introduced as [id and label] in one line. A user would type at least 3 characters search and a dropdown would appear with 10 matching terms
Noctua Form 1.0 Added a multiline to avoid clamping and cutting of terms (Karen) Added linkouts to more info for each autocomplete entities (Pascal, Kimberly)

Contributors: Karen, Kimberly, Pascal

Nested Table Viewer

Version Details
Noctua Form 0.1 Displayed simple annotations (no extensions) in a nested format
Noctua Form 1.0 Discontinued in favor of a much more friendly curator view as reading extension would overwhelm the basic table


Curator Friendly Viewer

Version Details
Noctua Form 1.0 - Replaced the nested view
  - Activities are clearly sectioned and can be collapsed and expanded
  - Inclusion of qualifiers and extensions in this tabular view (Karen)
  - Show everything without needing to click or scroll side to side
  - Wrapping text rather than truncating (Karen)
  - Clearly distinguish activities by shading or line separators (Karen)
Noctua Form 2.0 - Highlighting errors and warning on row
  - Removed Annotated entity as a column to the heading of an activity
  - Inline editing

Contributors: Karen, Kimberly, Pascal

Term Side Menu […]

Contributors: Kimberly, Pascal

Causal Relations Form

Contributors: Paul, Kimberly, Pascal