Noctua Form 0.1

Welcome to the release of Simple Annoton Editor. This is a limited version and we hope you enjoy some of the features. Some of the key highlights include



  • A basic form to create standard annotations
  • GP input autocompletable
  • GO Terms input auto completable
  • Evidence input autocompletable
  • Constrained and limited relations
  • A basic table view for displaying standard annotations

Creating Annotations

A form contains limited and constrained relations for creating standard annotations without extensions

Limited relations

  • MF enabled_by GP
  • MF occurs_in CC
  • MF part of BP

GP, GO Term and evidence inputs are all autocompletable. .After typing on the input box, autocomplete options are presented in a dropdown window

Display Existing Annotations

A basic tree table view which can display standard annotations in an indented sentence like format.

  • GP is enabled by MF, with evidence (reference)
    • occurs_in of BP with evidence (reference)
    • part_of BP with evidence (reference)