Contributing GO annotations

While most GO annotations are produced by members of the GO Consortium, we welcome feedback as well as annotations from the research community.

Suggesting revisions for existing annotations

Researchers who notice either missing or inaccurate annotations for a gene or a GO term can send this information to the GO Consortium.

1. Gather all necessary information

  • Paper citation (PMID if available)
  • Description of the issue: the gene product and the term combination that you suggest be reviewed and why you believe this is incorrect
  • A suggestion for a solution, if possible

2. Communicate with the GO annotation team

  • The preferred way is to create tickets in the GO-annotation tracking system. This allows you to monitor the progress on work on the issue and participate in the discussion with GO annotation team members. Instructions about how to create an account and use the GitHub repository can be found here.
  • Alternatively, contact the GO helpdesk with your request.

Contributing new GO annotations

Research groups who wish to generate GO annotations, for instance new annotations for genes of a species that is not currently annotated in GO, annotating specific genes for a given biological research domain, can contribute these annotations to the GO knowledgebase.

Contributing your expertise

The Gene Ontology Consortium welcomes contributions from experts in any area of biology to help us improve the annotations. Contact us to start contributing to the GO annotations.