The GO Consortium collaborates with many other groups on a wide variety of topics, particularly with groups whose expertise in specific areas of biology, or a complementary ontology project, would help to improve the usefulness of the GO knowledgebase. We welcome your feedback and contributions. Please let us know if you are interested in a possible collaboration.

Annotation/Ontology development projects

Domain-specific expertise

  • Transcription: Marcio L. Acencio, Astrid Lægreid, Colin Logie
  • S. pombe annotations: Jacqueline Hayles
  • Extracellular matrix: Rachel Lennon, Geoff Meyer, Jeff Miner, Sylvie Ricard-Blum, David Sherwood, Peter Yurchenco

Ontologies imported by the GO Consortium

The following ontologies are imported into GO:

Name Description Contact
Cell Type Ontology (CL) The Cell Ontology (CL) is an OBO Foundry ontology for the representation of cell types. CL GitHub
Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (ChEBI) is a freely available dictionary of molecular entities focused on ‘small’ chemical compounds. ChEBI web submission form
Evidence Ontology (ECO) The Evidence Ontology (ECO) is an ontology for describing biological research evidence that is used to support assertions. ECO GitHub
Fungal Anatomy Ontology (FAO) A structured controlled vocabulary for the anatomy of fungi. FAO Help
NCBI Taxon Ontology The NCBITaxon ontology is an automatic translation of the NCBI taxonomy database into obo/owl. NTO GitHub
Ontology of Biological Attributes (OBA) A collection of biological attributes (traits) covering all kingdoms of life. OBA Help
Phenotype and Trait Ontology (PATO) An ontology of phenotypic qualities (properties, attributes or characteristics). PATO Help
Plant Ontology (PO) Plant Ontology project is a major international bioinformatics effort on standardizing the nomenclature, definitions, synonyms and relations of various terms/keywords/vocabularies that describe anatomical entities as well as the growth and developmental stages of plants. PO web submission form
PRotein Ontology (PRO) Development of ontological representation of protein-related entities and the relationships between them. PRO Help
Relation Ontology (RO) RO is a collection of relations intended primarily for standardization across ontologies in the OBO Foundry and wider OBO library. RO help
Sequence Ontology (SO) SO is a collaborative ontology project for the definition of sequence features used in biological sequence annotation. SO GitHub
Uber Anatomy Ontology (Uberon) Uberon is an integrated cross-species ontology covering anatomical structures in animals. Uberon help

Past collaborations